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Fun Fact – Cranbrook is BC’s sunniest city with the most sunshine annually recorded at an average of 2190 hours
With so much sun, day trips from Cranbrook are very doable even if traveling from dawn til dusk.
Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs – From Cranbrook the drive through Fairmont onto Radium is less than a couple hours if you don’t stop – but please do! Not only is the drive spectacular with the Purcells to the west and the Kootenay range to the east, but you also pass Columbia lake, farmland, little hamlets and the gateways to White Swan and Premier Lake Provincial Parks.
You can stop along the way and picnic or drive straight on through to the hot springs to enjoy the therapeutic pools and scenery.
Windermere and Invermere – after Fairmont Hot Springs but before Radium you’ll reach Lake Windermere and the quaint little town of Invermere. You can stop to lay on the beach and have a swim, go boating or play on motorized rentals. You can shop, eat at one of their fantastic restaurants or check out the art studios.
Yahk and Creston – Yahk is a short drive West of Cranbrook on the way to Creston just over an hour away. Yahk was once a bustling, busy CP Railroad lumber town with 18 lumber camps bringing products to the rail but when the mills shut down the town slowly shrunk and is now home to abut 400 people with a few clever shops, a couple gas stations and a river. Stop in for the best ice cream – Two-Scoop Steve here we come! Alongside Two-Scoop Steve is the Yahk Soap & Candle Company with a great selection of products including Cranbrook’s own EarthWear Face & Body. And, of course, Yahk wouldn’t be complete without its rooftop goats. Serious…look up!
Creston, on the other hand is known as the fresh fruit and wine capital of the Kootenays, with it’s fresh fruit stands lining the roadway into town and its three wineries: Wynnwood Estate , Baillie-Grohman Estate , and Skimmerhorn Winery and Vineyard Make sure you leave time in your day to wander through the wineries and taste the latest varieties. Creston is surrounded by mountains and water. So, take a hike or be tempted to go for a paddle on Kootenay River – only minutes from downtown Creston.